The Update method accepts a single Survey Result and updates the matching record in Sport Ngin. A survey result represents a specific occurrence of a completed survey. An error is thrown if any parameters are invalid.



idIntegerUnique id of the survey_result
survey_idIntegerUnique Id of the Survey the SurveyResult belongs to
persona_idIntegerUnique id representing the specific person or team that completed the survey
created_atDatetimeTimestamp of creation date
updated_atDatetimeTimestamp of last update
order_idIntegerUnique id representing a specific order if the survey was part of a purchase transaction
completedBooleanBoolean representing status of survey_result
user_idIntegerUnique id representing the user account attached to the survey_result
statusStringEntry status used for sales transactions
barcode_image_idStringUnique id representing a barcode image file tied to a purchase transaction
roster_player_idIntegerUnique id representing a registered player that has been placed on a team
placed_atDatetimeTimestamp of order placement