The Index method returns an array of Surveys owned by the Organization represented by the site_id parameter. An error is thrown if any of the parameters are invalid. The Survey object itself represents the attributes of the Survey itself, its type, the rules by how it functions, and what it allows users to do.



idIntegerId of survey
nameStringName of survey
site_idIntegerId of site that the survey belongs to
created_atDateTimeTimestamp when created
updated_atDateTimeTimestamp of last update
statusInteger0 = Disabled
1 = Enabled
2 = Archived
3 = Reviewable
4 = Under Construction
tst_rate_group_numIntegerCode that references the fee setup for the survey
codeStringInternal reference code
survey_typeStringregistration, group, site_member
registrar_emailsStringEmail addresses receiving notification of each survey completion
allow_multiple_registrationsBooleanWhen true, the survey can be filled out more than once by a given profile
next_eventBooleanWhen true, denotes that the survey is tied to a Next Testing event
rep_user_idIntegerUnique ID assigned by Sport Ngin
monetaryBooleanWhen true, the survey is collecting money
open_dateDateTimeFuture date registration will be open to be completed
close_dateDateTimeFuture date registration will no longer be available
bank_account_idIntegerUnique ID representing a bank account used for transferring profits
merchant_account_idIntegerUnique ID representing a merchant account used to process transactions
custom_messageStringMessage to be displayed on receipt email
login_optionalBooleanWhen true, the user is not required to log in to complete the survey
user_idIntegerUnique id representing the user in the Sport Ngin system
has_barcodeBooleanWhen true, denotes that the survey has a barcode associated with it
barcode_typeStringA field that allows the survey creator to select from a set of standard barcode types
group_rangeSerialized StringMinimum/maximum number of individuals that can fill out a group registration
group_range_question_element_idIntegerId of QuestionElement that is used to determine group_range
editable_by_userBooleanWhen true, denotes that the survey is editable by the user after submission
form_labelStringGroup/team label for group registrations
sub_form_labelStringIndividual/player label for group registrations
custom_cssString???Custom css to adjust the look of the survey??? NOT NEEDED?
user_can_add_entriesBooleanWhen true, denotes that the user can add their own entries to the survey after it has been completed
skip_welcome_pageBooleanWhen true, denotes that the survey will skip the welcome page and start on the first question form
event_idIntegerId of event that is associated with the survey
customer_pays_feeBooleanWhen true, denotes that the customer will pay the transaction and processing fees
offer_idInteger??REMOVE??? Not used.
allow_amexBooleanWhen true, denotes that the user can pay using American Express
next_form_text_overrideString???REMOVE??? Next testing.
restrict_inviteBooleanWhen true, denotes that the survey will not automatically invite unregistered users
background_screen_enabledBooleanWhen true, denotes that the survey is a background screen
approval_user_idInteger???Sport Ngin user ID of survey admin???NEEDED?