Surveys are the foundation of Registration - every Registration is a Survey. Registration is comprised of four separate components:1. A representation of the activity taken by an individual to fill-out the form/survey/registration. Several users fill out the form, thereby generating a set of answers that need to be stored. The list of users' activity filling out the form is accessible via the API using the Survey Results Index endpoint, and the values themselves are accessible using the Survey Results Answers Index endpoint.2. A common typing system provides a set of re-usable parts, which allows form-editors to build surveys/registrations quickly. These parts are accessible via the API using the Question Elements endpoint.3. A reporting mechanism allowing for a denormalized export of some or all of the data captured over the life of the form/survey/registration. The survey report is accessible via the API using the Surveys Report endpoint.###AssociationsSurveys belongs to Sites.