The specialized Report method returns a list of all answers provided by the registrants for the a survey for the given survey_id in a de-normalized format. An error is thrown if any of the parameters are invalid.



survey_result_idIntegerId of the survey result specific to the provided survey
order_numberIntegerUnique ID generated when a survey is monetary registration
item_payment_statusStringPayment status of the monetary registration
registration_dateDateTimeDate and time the survey was completed
account_emailStringEmail of the account filling out the survey
secondary_emailStringSecondary email of the account filling out the survey
entry_statusEnumStatus of a particular entry on a survey (Active or Inactive)
is_orphanBooleanWhen true, the user that filled out the survey has not yet accepted their invitation to the Sport Ngin platform
qu_el_xxxxxxxStringThe answer for the listed question element